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Research reports are an important part of the education process when attracting prospects. Prospective customers expect you to provide thought provoking, engaging and informative content to help them identify areas for improvement.

I've completed a number of content campaigns with media partners and analyst houses such as Forrester, Gartner, Retail Week, Internet Retailing, IDC, eConsultancy and at last count it was over 10 completed reports.

....Enough to know the importance of setting a good brief, being clear about objectives, planning a strong campaign to get the biggest bang for your buck and ensuring a relevant and interesting message.

Samples Of My Work

Media and PR

It's not enough to have a great product. To be a leader in your space you need to be heard. PR is one of the most effective ways to build your B2B brand and rise to the top.

I LOVE PR. I've set up from scratch PR programmes in four companies (and counting). Building PR targets, writing agency briefs, on-boarding the agency and working closely on the strategy, training spokespeople, setting media targets, working on bylines, news jacking, press releases, interviews and executive profiling. I've delivered PR efficiency workshops and trained internal colleagues on managing PR for maximum results. 

Famous last words but.... every company I've supported we've secured National press coverage and increased PR output by more than 200%. 

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Event Management

For all we live in an increasingly digital world.. sometimes you can't beat getting out there and meeting prospects, customers and partners in the real world! Events are a hugely important aspect of B2B marketing... but with so many to choose from, it's never been more vital to have a selective strategy and make an impact with those you select.

I've managed large scale conferences, strategic events, customer advisory sessions, senior dinners, networking parties and awards shows.

I've worked on a lot of events but some of my highlights would be The Delivery Conference 2016 (more below), a strategic advisory group which we held in fab venues across London (Churchill War Rooms, The Crypt etc), Mirakl's Platform Summit in Paris and lots more!

I've managed an event welcoming 1700 delegates, 50 sponsors, 30+ speakers (inc a number of retail CEOs). Anyone who's worked on events will know this is undoubtedly one of the most high pressured areas in marketing: from organising video crews, creating event branding, managing registration, attracting key speakers, ensuring sponsors are happy, creating highlight and welcome videos, writing presentations, engaging with press, organising helpers and of course crucially... tasting the wine!

A Selection of Blogs

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Account Based Marketing

The rise of 1: few and 1:1 marketing has been a wonderful shift to witness. I really enjoy building Account Based Marketing plans, they are the perfect combination of geeky desk research and creative design that I love! I've had quite a few Blue Peter moments surrounded by a mountain of tissue paper and sticky labels.

This is a tricky one to provide too much detail on as by their nature they're rather bespoke! I can tell you how I approach building an ABM strategy.... and you'll have to trust me they get results!

  • Build target list working closely with sales
  • Identify key personas and buying motivation
  • Research company strategy and goals
  • Construct core messaging
  • Decide on format (I've done pitch books, interactive landing pages, flyers and handwritten notes, re-targeting and more)
  • Build assets using all of our research and knowledge
  • Add special touches
  • Share with the prospect
  • Work with sales on follow up

What About Metrics and MQLS?

If you've made it this far, you might be saying, well where are her results... what about sales? I take my client confidentiality seriously, I wouldn't want to display company performance metrics on my own site... but rest assured I like to measure everything. Not only do I love a tableau and spreadsheets.. I have been known to get a bit obsessive about measuring performance and I'm a BIG salesforce fan.

I like to set a mixture of marketing metrics (eg page views, downloads, social shares) alongside business metrics (eg contribution to sales opps, pipeline generation) and for me it's very important to do a campaign reflection every time to discuss where we can optimise for next time.

So I suppose you'll have to take my word for it!

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